Biographical Notes

ief Notes:

Njamy Sitson was Born in Cameroon.
A singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, Musictherapist, actor & storyteller, he has appeared in numerous festivals, concerts, performances, seminars & workshops.

Brief Professional Highlights:

Numerous solo & group concerts in Europe ( with the "Njamy Sitson group ). 
Story telling & performances at various academic institutions , schools & kindergardens.
Co-Acted with Barbara Rudnik in the movie "Oktober Fest" as well as main actor in "Mein Deudshland" .  
Co-Acted with Maximilian Brückner, and with Charles Huber (Der Alte) in the " Mandela, das Musical".
Co-composed soundtracks for the films "Oktoberfest" and "Blutige steine" with Donna Leon for ARD television. 
Conducts vocal workshops and seminars in African percussion, singing, vocalpolyphony for Universities, choirs and classical orchestras .
Artistic director of the "Malaika Afrika Festival" in Augsburg.
Member of the " European voice Teacher Association " E.V.T.A

                             "Welcome to Bavaria"


Collaborative work with his New York based brother Gino Sitson, great vocalacrobat, composer and multinstrumentalist.
Peter Michael Hamel, Walter Lang, Stefan Poetsch, Tanka Fonta, Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Marco Lobo, Famoudou Konate, Noah Messomo,
Romeo & Juliet Chor Stockohlm,  Konstantin Wecker,Kishor Ghosh, Adama Drame, Louis Cesar Ewande....

                       " Bitterer Honig"  A. Gon Theater

                                                                " Oktoberfest film "

                                                                " Mein Deudshland "

                        " Chronist der Winde " Henning Mannkel (Mummpitz Theater)